Worship Team

We believe that worship is the purpose of coming together in God’s presence. Worship should take place individually as well as together in the congregation.  We believe that worship is a crucial part of the believers’ life.  Therefore we hold worship as high priority.  As a result, we desire to be obedient to the Words of our Lord, to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. (John 4:24).

We believe that the purpose of worship is to:

  • Express Honor to our God
  • To be in Reverence of His majesty
  • To live in Admiration and Awe of the salvation given us.
  • To verbalize Adoration and Thanksgiving for His merciful acts towards men.
  • To declare our Devotion to Christ

To achieve our purpose we desire that through worship we:

  • Enter the presence of God
  • Bring both preparation for and the application of the Word
  • Experience regeneration, repentance, humility, deliverance and wholeness
  • Focus on the character and attributes of God
  • Experience God’s love
  • Express our admiration of God
  • Taste the freedom of the Spirit

The Church Upon the Rock praise team has a passion and a heart to praise and worship God.  Our goal is to lift HIS name up in worship and to lead others into His throne room through contemporary worship.  We strive to wait on the Lord’s direction and allow God’s Spirit to lead and use us every week.