A Typical Sunday

Our Appearance

Come as you are! Yes, you can find many people here wearing business casual dress, but if that’s not your style, don’t sweat it! Wear what you are comfortable praising God in! God doesn’t care if you are wearing jeans, sandals, dress clothes, or a t-shirt; we don’t either!

Sit where you feel comfortable, there are no “reserved seats”…and no one will ever question your seating choice.

Our Service

Generally, our service consists of about 45 minutes of praising, thanking, and worshiping Jesus Christ. After that, we take a brief break, greet each other, and continue on with the sermon for that morning. The sermon typically lasts another 30 to 45 minutes which is followed up with ministering one to another as the Holy Spirit leads. We generally conclude our service with one last song – sending us home with the Joy of The Lord. As stated this is the general service, we do try and allow the Spirit of God to lead, and at times the service gets switched around.

Our Attitudes

We come here to Worship and Praise God with expectant hearts, to hear and at times discuss His word, and to minister to each other, not to judge each other! Jesus Christ is living in us, and we want His Light to shine through us and out of us, in everything we say and do! It’s all about the attitude of the heart toward our God the Lord Jesus Christ. When our heart’s attitude toward Jesus is right than our heart’s attitude toward others is right also.