What Is Mammon Daily Devotion

“No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.

Matthew 6:24 (NASB)


James Henley Thornwell, the Southern Presbyterian theologian who died in 1862, got some things very wrong, like slavery. But this he got right and it is amazingly up to date:


Our whole system of operations gives an undue influence to money. Where money is the great want, numbers must be sought; and where an ambition for numbers prevails, doctrinal purity must be sacrificed. The root of the evil is the secular spirit of our ecclesiastical institutions. What we want is a spiritual body; a Church whose power lies in the truth, and the presence of the Holy Ghost. (B. M. Palmer, Life and Letters of J. H. Thornwell, p. 291).


“Mammon” is a word used for money, but it’s more reflective of the spirit that surrounds money rather than money itself. Money itself is amoral, but there is a demonic spirit around money that can become compulsive in almost anyone.  Some implications of the word are:

1) The spirit of mammon is the world’s system.

2) The spirit of Mammon doesn’t work out fair in life.

3) The spirit of Mammon tempts people to consign an unbalanced significance on


4) The spirit of mammon is a powerful  enemy and must be neutralized.


The Spirit Of Mammon’s Manipulation[1]
1. Irresponsibility & Money Mismanagement.
2. Pattern of Impulse Buying.
3. Bondage to Debt.
4. Crippled Faith In Regards To God As My Source.
5. The Pursuit of Money.
6. Fear of Financial Lack.
7. Financial Stress Points Prohibiting The Grace Of Generosity.
8. Unwillingness or Refusal To Make Restitution.

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The only way to neutralize money’s power is to get it out from under the control of mammon, and convert it to God’s Kingdom – under the control of God by the choices you make to function after God’s order.


Pastor Bill

[1] Craig Hill & Earl Pitts  “Wealth, Riches & Money”  Adapted Pgs. 36-46

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