Tithing Is Timeless Daily Devotion

Being in alignment with God’s order starts with the tithe, ten percent. The principle of the tithe precedes, penetrates and exceeds the Law. Abraham—the model of  a person who learns to walk in faith, not in the resources of human wisdom—tithed (Genesis 14:20). Jesus reinforces the concept of the tithe in Matthew 23:23.

It is absolutely wrong to say that tithing isn’t in the New Testament. To begin with, tithing doesn’t have to do with the Law. Tithing was enfolded in the Law because tithing is timeless—it is pre-Law and post-Law. By the Law, we mean the Law of Moses, the era of the schooling to prepare people to be brought to Christ.

The principle of the tithe was established in Abraham (Genesis 14). Abraham acknowledged that everything he had came from the One who made it all, and he paid tithes to a priest named Melchizedek, mentioned in Hebrews in the New Testament as a specific representative in type of Jesus Himself. Abraham, in principle, prophetically, acknowledged the Lordship of Christ through tithing before there was any Law.
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In Matthew 23, Jesus has no kind words for the Pharisees, who were small-minded religious purists. In verse 23, He sets in contrast two things about them: You don’t show justice, mercy or the goodness of God to people, and yet you will demand from your wife a tithe of the spices she picks from the garden in order to satisfy the Law, while you neglect the “weightier matters” of people who are needy and hurting. Jesus tells the Pharisees they ought to be dealing with these bigger issues, and then He adds: and don’t leave the other undone.

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Jesus reinforces the timeless principle of tithing by ushering into the New Testament, the new covenant, the order of the tithe. The tithe isn’t a legal demand to earn God’s pleasure or buy His salvation, but the Lord calls us to it, and by our obedience, allows for a covenant release.

Pastor Bill

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