Supplied From God Daily Devotions

And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19 (NASB)

This indeed is a marvelous verse. The Corinthian believers were tight in giving, but the Philippian believers were generous. Time and again, the Philippians had sent supply to the apostle Paul. Paul, in turn, answered them that his God would supply all their needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Do you see the wonder of the verse? Paul especially mentioned “my God,” that is, the God of the one who received the supply, for had not the Philippians sent money to Paul? “My God shall supply”—He would supply those who had supplied Paul. It was the God of the recipient of the gift supplying the needs of the givers of the gift.
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Many today try to lay hold of Philippians 4:19. Do we, though, see in this verse that God shall supply the givers, not the askers? Only the givers have the right to use this verse; those who do not give are not entitled to the privilege. After giving to others, you may say, “O God, supply today all my needs according to the riches in Christ.” God supplied

all the needs of only the Philippians. God supplies on the principle of giving.

When your jar is nearly empty of meal and your cruse of oil, remember first to make a little cake for Elijah the prophet of God. Then your handful of meal and few drops of oil will last you for three years and six months. Who has ever heard of a cruse of oil that lasted three and a half years? But if you use a little meal and a tiny bit of oil to first make a cake for God’s prophet, you shall be fed for years. That handful of meal and those drops of oil are not enough for one meal; nevertheless, if first given to God, they may sustain you for life. Such is the way Christians manage their finances.

Both the Old and New Testaments lay down the same teaching. God does not want us to be poor or in distress. If there is poverty and distress among us, it may be that we have held our money too tightly. The more we love ourselves, the more we will be hungry. If the money question is not solved, nothing is solved. To whomever money looms big, the threat of poverty is near. I may not be able to testify to other things, but to this I can testify; the tighter one holds on to money, the poorer he becomes. May we release our money and allow it to be in circulation doing miracles for God.

The cattle on a thousand hills and the sheep on ten thousand hills all belong to God. Who but a fool would think he must earn them? All we need to do is to bring our all to God. We should send money out as soon as it comes in. We should take care of brothers and sisters in need. To hoard for ourselves is foolishness. The way of a Christian lies in giving. Let all the money in the church be living money. Then when you are in need, God will perform miracles, even sending the birds of the air to supply you.

Put yourselves into the Word of God, or else God has no way to perform His Word in you. First give yourselves to God, and then release your money that God may give to you.


Watchman Nee

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