A Triad Of Arguments 1

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Ÿ  This Triad of Enemies Argue Against Your Value In

God’s Design

The effort of the devil, unbelief and the world to break the back of God’s purpose in your own resolve will begin at this point.

The word speculations in this text has its root in the ancient Greek schools of philosophy where, after a person would pose their proposition, others would try to argue against it by breaking it down point by point. It’s related to the idea of something being erased, to wear down a proposition until it no longer exists. This constant friction would be like erasing pencil marks on paper over and over again until you finally tore through the paper.

This concept of dismantling the essence of an argument is at the root of this idea of spiritual warfare when it says destroying speculations. There is a steadfast enterprise of the “triad of enemies) that begins at the mental level, arguing against the case of God’s purpose in you. Arguing against the value that God places on your ministry, and against the substance of the commitment you made and against the likelihood of the vision or dream that was placed in your heart ever being fulfilled.

These disputes come in quiet moments, following a situation where it seems there would be something to argue, and starts rubbing on that point. The rubbing, the wear and tear on a person’s mind can bring tragic results. People become broken under constant assault that argues against their worth and value, not only to their perspective as an individual, but in the worth and value of what God sees in them.

Every priest has a sense of call. The specifics of it vary, but the call that God gives to each one of us is up for grabs in hell’s agenda, the strategies of the flesh and deceit of the world, every day. They will work in tandem to do anything to wear you down just a little more to suggest that this was a pipe dream or invention of your making. Have you ever found yourself wondering, Is this my idea or God’s? Why are things happening this way? Is it me? That’s it—there must be something wrong with me.

We are not talking about a casual pursuit of holiness; we’re talking about the bottom line issue. I listen to believers who say the reason they’re not seeing breakthrough is because, somehow, they haven’t done enough or they haven’t prayed enough. I do not argue against the disciplines and their ability to make our heart available, but there is a constant badgering from this triad that seeks to wear us down with such arguments.

Start the New Year to put yourself in contest with the greatest argument of all against themthe argument of Calvary. In the words of the classic song, I need no other argument, I need no other plea; it is enough that Jesus died, and that He died for me. The Cross is the ultimate argument for the enormity of your personal value not only of your eternal soul, but of the ministry to which God called you.

Pastor Bill

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